Our Services Include:

  • Sales, Installation and Service of Petroleum Marketing Equipment
  • Sales, Installation and Service of Alternative Fuels Equipment
  • Sales, Installation and Service of Commercial/Fleet Fueling Equipment
  • Sales, installation and Service of Automotive Service Equipment
  • Sales and Installation of Industrial/Commercial Lubrication Equipment
  • Sales and Installation Service of Food Service and Beverage Equipment
  • UST & AST Installations to Include Convenience Stores, Fleet Fueling Facilities,
        Emergency Generator Systems, Marinas and Aviation Fuel Facilities
  • UST & AST Repairs and Service
  • UST & AST Removals
  • 24 hour Hazardous Materials Spill Response and Cleanup
  • Corrective Action for Leaks at UST Sites, licensed in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico
  • Certified UST, Line, and Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing and Training
  • Certilied Tank, Line, Leak Detector and Sump Testing Services
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Annual Systems Compliance Testing
  • 40 hour HazWoper, Confined Space and Hazardous Management Training
  • Environmental Site Assessments

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