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Priming the Pump

Published: September 29, 2015

(L-R: Construction administrator April Siddens, construction manager Jeff Bucknam and D/FW branch manager Adam Coleman.)

DALLAS/FORT WORTH – Fuel System construction has met its match: D&H United Fueling Solutions Inc. recently purchased the assets of D&H Petroleum and Environmental and United Pump Supply. The companies will be combined and known as D&H United Fueling Solutions Inc.

D/FW branch manager Adam Coleman says change in the economy and the emphasis on alternative fuels such as CNG and LNG, as well as the new mandatory incoming payment card system (“EMV”) requirements, created a need for the purchase.

“It became apparent over the last couple of years that if we were going to grow, that we need to be in a different structure because the fuel equipment and construction landscape has changed and is continuing to change,” he says.

While the existing branch management teams will stay in place, staff is already growing and two notable changes in leadership took place with the acquisition. The former president of the company, John Farrell, has been named the chief operating officer and Bo Sasnett is now serving as the company’s chief executive officer.

“Our operations will probably change in terms of the emphasis, because those specialty skillsets that the industry is looking for now, we have those available here and within our own company – now our expertise is available all over the Southwest,” Coleman says. “People are going to ask us for it, and certainly customers from other areas of Texas are going to be involved in that.”

Coleman says the news has been a boost to the contracts they’re winning and their reputation in the industry.

“I was telling my staff how proud I am that our Dallas branch has basically evolved,” he says. “We still do the core things, like the ground-up fuel builds, but now we’re into these specialty areas like designing for credit card fraud prevention as well. It’s nice being the go-to people for that kind of thing.”

D&H United Fueling Solutions Inc. provides services for fueling facilities including equipment sales, installation and construction, repair and service across the Southwest. –mjm

Source: www.constructionnews.net

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