Minnesota to launch anti-skimming campaign at the pump

Published: March 14, 2016

Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman has announced the launch of a new statewide crackdown on the threat of credit card skimmers hidden in pumps at gas stations.

Rothman made the announcement at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World in Bloomington, where alert employees recently caught three men who were trying to install a skimmer in a gas pump.

The Commerce Department’s Weights & Measures and Enforcement divisions will be conducting Minnesota’s first-ever inspection sweep of gas stations across the state to protect consumers against skimmers. The department is also starting an outreach and education campaign with gas station operators to help protect their customers.

“The Commerce Department is determined to prevent and halt this emerging threat to Minnesota consumers,” said Rothman. "We are taking steps to make sure pumps are secure and customers’ credit and debit card information is safe from criminals.”

Credit card skimmers hidden in gas pumps have been a growing problem in other parts of the country and have begun to appear in Minnesota. Earlier this year, skimmers were found in pumps at two stations in Minneapolis and Robbinsdale, and three men were arrested at the Bobby & Steve’s station in Bloomington after being caught trying to install a skimmer.

Source: www.petrolplaza.com

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