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D&H United can provide Bulk Fluid Storage,Transfer, Metering and Distribution Systems for Industrial Applications. We also provide Meter Calibrations, Generator AST Installs, and Aviation Equipment Service.

Meter Calibration

Meter calibration must be as near to Zero as possible. You should not wait for the Weights and Measures Sealer to come on site to your location to check the accuracy of your meters. If Weights and Measures finds a meter out of tolerance they will tag it out of service causing down time and as a result, lost revenue.

Have D&H United Fueling Solutions test them. Your meters may only need a field adjustment by a qualified Service Technician. Inaccurate meters can cause thousands of dollars in lost profits each year, even when your meters are within the nationally accepted tolerance. Meters invariably tend to wear over delivery. The wear allows the fuel to pass through, without being metered. A meter that is off by 6 cubic inches (the allowed tolerance in most states) gives away almost 260 gallons per 50,000 gallons dispensed. And that means you’re pumping away profits!

No matter what type of meter you have, we have the parts and technical knowledge to correct your meter problems, and help your business be more profitable.


D&H United Fueling Solutions is proud to announce that we are now servicing aviation equipment. We have the ability to keep your equipment in working order to help eliminate down time. Some of the services we offer include filter changes, tank inspections and cleaning, servicing transport and filtration units and hose installations for both attended and unattended fueling systems just to name just a few. For a complete list of services offered please contact D&H United for further details.


Our Vendors

D&H United Fueling Solutions only uses the best products from some of the industries leading manufacturers. For a list of some of the vendors and parters that we represent click here.

Our Vendor and Partner List.

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